Saturday, March 24, 2018

New Zealand Late summer

Since it's late summer turning to autumn here, the summer harvests are coming in. We've passed through many areas with the trees heavy with fruit, mostly apples and pears. And the taste of the fruit is soooo good! The town of Cromwell is full of orchards, and vineyards. It sits at the intersection of two major roads, one goes up one side of the river to the mountains, Haast Pass, or down to Queenstown and the crazy adrenaline-fueled activities like jet boating and bungie jumping. The other goes south west to Dunedin. We've made a big figure 8 on the South Island and crossed back through Cromwell on our way to Haast Pass and the north end. We only viewed the town from the highway as we were approaching the bridge to cross the river, but it looks like a pretty town.
And who can resist the apples and peaches 'display'!

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