Monday, April 16, 2018

Rockell Bay - Mom's picnic on the beach, New Zealand

The sunrise on Saturday was lovely.  I’ve had mixed feelings about having another ‘service’ for Mom.  This is what she had requested, but it just made all the emotions and grief resurface for all of us.  I bucked up and with the help of Mom’s ‘adopted’ New Zealand daughter, Glenda and good friend Glenys, we got the food prepared, the tables decorated, gave directions to the guys and were ready for the neighbors to arrive at 12.

Glenda and Glenys helped to keep the mood in the kitchen light hearted!

Dad gave a few words, then we all walked 
down to a spot that had been chosen for a
 Puhutakawa tree, a Maori Princess, 
to be planted in Mom’s honor. 

About half of her ashes were spread here.  The afternoon was spent socializing and getting caught up on friends and neighbors life and activities.  The day ended with one more group swim to Ken’s boat for some ‘jumping off’ activites.

About 15 of us shared some campfire memories from previous visits and the famous New Zealand humor until late in the evening.

                         Our New Zealand family and friends gathered for a great picnic.

Sunday morning, we all gathered once again and as a group headed just off shore in Kens boat.  A few more final words were said.  

Then in sight of our bach at Rockell Bay and Brookers Bay, previous home to  their dear friends Brian and Margaret’s – the instigators for getting them to NZ in the first place, Dad placed the rest of Mom’s ashes in the sea.  

The wind stopped, the sky was beautiful and the ocean was teal blue , the same color of  Mom’s eyes.  

Brandon, Dylan, Brian and Dad

Dylan dreams about his own yacht.... someday!

Glenda, our adopted sister!

Carl and Hayden

Laura, Carl and Glenda

Rory, our adopted cousin

Sheryl, our other adopted sister and Alesha in the background, another cousin!

It’s done.  …..Well, except for the ‘shooting her out of a cannon’ part  - also a request of hers!  But that will have to wait until we return to the states for that little caper!

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  1. HiJeanne,
    This is neil royer, from S/v Liahona.
    Kris and I both want to wish you and Tom all the best on your new adventure.
    We are in barra de navidad. We fly vack to the states tomorrow.
    Kris and I were having dinner, and thought we would check up on your blog and see how you are doing.
    What a surprise! Haha
    Cant wait to hear and follow your new adventures.
    Your friends
    Neil and kristi
    S/v Liahona


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