Thursday, May 10, 2018

Cairns Australia - Kuranda Park - For the birds - part 2

At the top of the Kuranda Railroad ride, you arrive at the Kuranda Village. One can choose to peruse through 3 different markets: choose an upscale, ordinary tourist, or a bit more funky, hippy type; go play with a koala, or butterflies or a tour through the bird aviary.  Guess which we chose!

Some fun birds, and an up-close photo session with an endangered Cassowary!  I only know them as 'fun and colorful' birds.   

The big highlight was getting to see an endangered Cassowary.  They are prehistoric looking and have the reputation to be nasty birds.  Just check out the claw on it's foot!

It's rhinoceros type horn is unique like a whales dorsal fin.

The female chooses when to mate, delivers the eggs then lets her chosen partner hatch and rear the babies.
Check out those eyelashes!

One kick from this foot can open up a nasty wound.
Of course we had to do the marketing photos.. the birds were very obliging and pesky!

A quick bite of lunch afterwards and entertainment by several resident water lizards, that resembled iguanas. 

A short stroll through a section of the markets found some unique items!

Everyone needs a set!

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