Count down - 3 days to go

Our departure day is just 3 days away.  As each day gets closer, I'm excited, yet saddened as well. We've been busy getting the trailer ready.  Just a couple of hours ago, we pulled it out on the road for a successful 'shake down' cruise/run around the block.

We did ok, and it appears that the stowing of our stuff was successful.  18 years of sailboat living made that job fairly easy.  I do know that we have too much stuff! Even after we thought we'd paired our precious belongings down, we need to do some more.   I guess I'll have to start doing electronic cookbooks after all. That topic is for another blog post - reading a cookbook on a screen is just not the same as reading a paper book.  And where am supposed to put my post-its?

Anyway, as we were learning about our new rig, how to unhook, hook-up, I remembered Eagle's Big Left Turn Blog and how we documented everything.  It did occur to me to go get the camera and take some photos.....and then I thought...naw, we were busy enough with todays drama! And we managed to do it without an audience. But I will start posting photos soon.

We have been the recipients of some nice pre departure dinners, lunches and last night a large gathering of friends and cruisers for drinks and appetizers by the pool.  It was quite overwhelming to see about 150 people come to wish us Happy Trails and say "until we meet again"!

The sad part comes in all those goodbyes, hugs and well wishes.  Also, leaving this lovely city is hard to do.  The thought of driving up I-5 in February most likely means rain, rain and rain.  I know it's raining in Seattle!  I love getting up here every morning and know that the sun is going to be hanging out in the gorgeous blue sky.  After about 2 years here, I finally quit looking out the window to check on the weather before I chose what to wear for the day!

We were able to fit in many social events this past week, including attending the 50th Wedding anniversary of my dear friends Mariella and Memo.  I met her 6 years ago, with her daughter Dulce.  We've all become very good friends, and they are my adopted family.  Mariella speaks almost no english.  We have communicated through cooking together.  Watching her family gather around her and shower them with love was very touching and sad that I will miss events like this.  But then there have been many birthdays and special occasions that we missed for our own family, so heading back to join in a few of those will be a good thing.

Most of my work is done in the office, just a few loose ends.  I'm looking forward to traveling,  experiencing new adventures and telling you about it!  Stay tuned.


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