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Time to reflect and regroup

Last week, after taking care of all the estate stuff I could, I started to feel that I needed to  move past the last few weeks.  I headed out last Friday morning for a walk around our park with my camera gear to check out the amazing cactus bloom that is currently taking place, and to clear my head. I can just get lost in my subjects and that was exactly what I needed.

I spent a couple of hours out that morning playing with a couple of new, to me, techniques and working through some 'blocks' in my creativity.  I'm not sure if I really felt like I got past my hurdles, but I was pretty pleased with some of the images.   The close up images were taken yesterday, the ones with more in the image are from my new techniques day of shooting.

Tom and I had headed off for a couple of days of camping at Mt Lemmon on Easter Sunday afternoon.  A first for us, and yet I didn't feel compelled to document it. A pretty good sign that I was in a bit of a funk!  When we returned on Tues…

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