Beyond the Big Left Turn begins!

Beyond the Big Left Turn has begun!

At 7:32 Thursday Feb 1, we began this new adventure.

Under cloudy and rainy skies – what’s up with that? –    We had an early morning send off from Ron and Cricket, SV Mystic Island, and the marina staff…. Then quietly pulled out of the parking lot.  (As quietly as a 52’ overall length ‘haul’ can be!) If we slipped away before you saw us…. We’ll see you down the road.

I have to say that our departure from our lovely town, was not quite as hard as I thought it was going to be.  I haven’t needed my tissues yet! With 62 degrees and rain, it wasn’t quite as pretty as I had imagined it to be as we left.  I’ll keep in my head and heart the beautiful multi colored aqua waters of the bay. Ok, enough of the sentimental stuff or I’ll start to blubber over the keyboard.

We had an uneventful day, other than multiple stops at the Pemex stations along the way!  We’re doing ok and the rig is good.  We arrived in Puerto Escondido at 1pm.  Met up with cruiser friend from Gemini, Diane and Les for lunch, had a great 2-hour, totally dead to the world nap, then met SV Cetus, Terry and Heidi, for dinner.  We first had a meal with them, in Tacoma, about 12 years or so ago.  Thanks Dave, SV Banana Wind, for that introduction. Lots of water miles to talk about!

As we travel Baja, we’re limited in our internet, as is the case here, so no photos for now.  Stop back later.  We’re heading to Guerro Negro tomorrow – the border of Baja South and North – for a couple of days of birding and resting up, and since it’s grey whale season…. I may see about getting close to one!


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