Guerro Negro to San Quintin

Sunday Morning Feb 4.
Away we went up Highway 1 – the only road up Baja- hoping to get to San Quintin or maybe further.  Well, somewhere 30 minutes or so into our run, we noticed that one of our sliders had slid out, a couple of inches.  Not a good thing under any circumstance!  We stopped 4 different times to check on things and make adjustments.  At one of these stops, I noticed a dripping liquid!  Yep, hydraulic fluid was leaking out.  Seems it was in close contact to the wire that burned, and now sported a small leak! It was unable to keep the slider in tight.  

Tom wrapped some line around the slider to the frame, and some rescue tape around the leak and we were off again. 

We had heard the road 60 miles either side of Catavina was horrible.  It was true.  Although it was only 20 or so miles North of Catavina.  It took us 7 hours to go 200 miles.

The overlay of asphalt has come off in big chunks, and some areas have holes that are several inches deep.  It was slow and very rough.  After hearing horror stories from many other travelers, we were actually expecting the roads to be worse.  It was still bad.

We fueled up in El Rosario, and kept going to San Quintin.  We’re averaging about 8.5 mpg, not great, but not really horrible either considering the load we’re carrying.

We pulled into Fidels RV camping on the beach in San Quintin – the only ones there, and 200 pesos.   We were exhausted from the day’s drive, so a light dinner of cheese and crackers and in bed by 8!


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