Sacramento to Medford Oregon

After taking an extra day in Sacramento to just kick back a bit,and wait out the high wind warnings and possible snow/rain on the passes,we got an early start on Monday. We were on the road at 730. Cold and clear,and for the moment no winds.

Those started about 10 and stayed against is for most of the morning. The traffic was light, the road clear and dry so we just kept going.  On the shadow side of Shasta and the Siskyous there was evidence of snow from the night before.

We pulled into the Jacksonville Park RV center right next to the fair grounds again.  This was a very pretty park with lots of space.Much to Tom's enjoyment the park is surrounded by lakes and ponds.

We woke to a very chilly 24 degrees outside and 37 in.....evidently the propane ran out during the night!


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