Ensenada to Temecula and across the border

The maintenance manager at Estero Beach, Jose, was extremely helpful with getting our leaking hydraulic hose replaced.  He took it to the shop and went back to pick it up!  What a guy!   We got the hose back late on the afternoon of the 6th, too late to do any repairs.  We tackled it early on the 7th, and were successful with bleeding the system.  By the time we were done it was about 1pm and too late to get any real distance under us for the day.  So, we washed the trailer and truck, worked on our check lists, had a walk around the hotel grounds and an early bed time.

Unfortunately, we needed to run the generator to charge the house battery to pull the slides in when morning came along.  We got the slides all the way in…. except for the last one of about 3 inches…. No more gas for the generator!  Geez, will it never end?

We opted to head out, get fuel on the way and pop it back in.   I plugged in a course on the GPS, to hopefully avoid the ‘tourist and carnival section’ and hook us up with highway 1 to Tijuana.
We were doing good until the GPS directed us on a road that was closed on the next block due to construction- not on the GPS!!! Luckily, and I mean really luckily, it was a side road that was at least twice the normal width of a typical Mexican street!  Tom was able to back it up into a driveway and turn us around with only a bit of extra sweat……
Then, we had to find the connecting road to Hwy 1 without getting into the Carnaval area.    Okay, so the decorative lights draped from the wire on the side street got a close and personal look at our air conditioner – the Mexican guy at the corner was giving us a ‘good to go sign.. then a ‘maybe’ sign, then yea, go ahead… and the guy coming down the street at us was giving us a thumbs up from his view point from in front of us.  Yikes!  Little tiny streets and finally, the turn to highway 1, right next to the Carnaval stuff.

On the road, up the hill to the gas station.  Gas in the generator, battery charged and slides sucked in tight, we headed for Tijuana. 

Rookie move again, we decided to cross at Tijuana, as opposed to Otay Mesa or Tecate, as we were heading for the nearest RV supply store to get a couple of critical parts. Well, 3000 cars and 1 large RV later we were deep in the line of cars to cross to the USA.  Our passports were checked, the rig was inspected and then ALL traffic was stopped while we maneuvered out of the check point.  At least 5 lanes and guards were involved in getting us out of there!  We spent one hour total getting through the line… and luckily for us… THEY LET US BACK IN!!!

Heading north, we choose Highway 15 to avoid San Diego and LA.  We found a camping spot at the Pechanga Casino in Temecula. 
The hot tub was good and the laundry room was empty when we loaded up the machines!  We had a good dinner of homemade spaghetti with Manuela’s sausage and Bella’s marinara sauce, two of the vendors from our Wednesday market.
A landing rum and a good night sleep ended our day


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