Road trip Baja to Puyallup Washington - DONE!

At 4pm yesterday, Saturday, we pulled into the Washington State Fairgrounds RV park and ended this leg of the adventure.

We did a total of 2561 miles in 18 days.  The time allowed was what we had planned on.  This was got give ourselves extra time if we needed to wait out a snow storm or bad weather.  Other than the rain the morning we left La Paz and the rain in Washington we had spectacular weather.

However, it appears the weather was waiting for us here....the forecast was for snow, and we woke up to it this morning!  We're making a trip to find warmer clothes - my cotton shirts are just not working!

We had some tough days early on as we worked through our systems and routines.  Tom did a great job of driving.  We had not issues with the truck or any of the tires.  I understand that there was a fuel 'pool'.... we used 316.42 gallons of gas for a total of $1016.13 for an average of 8.09mpg.  Not good, but it was 'uphill' all the way!

We have a few days with friends and family and getting ourselves organized for the next adventure.

For now I'm going to go watch the snow melt!

( I'm having technical difficulties in downloading images today...must be the cold and snow!)


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