Auckland New Zealand - Harbor and saying goodbye

Our next stop was the Maritime Museum in the harbor.  By the time we walked there from the Sky Tower, and looked at the time, we opted to save this one for another day on another visit.  Just too much touristy stuff!  We met up with Glenda and Tim and walked along the newly formed pedestrian viaduct that crosses part of the harbor and marinas.  A nice afternoon on the waterfront is always a good day!

New Zealand is beautiful, large, awe- inspiring, rainy, sunny, sheep and cattle dotted and mostly curvy roads.  The people are lovely, funny, quick witted and a pleasure to be around. The activity level among the entire population is very impressive, as is their love for the country to remain pristine and green.  There is also a lot of energy being put towards returning some parts of the country to native lands, and animals.  A very tough task, and highly respectable.  It seems to be working as many areas are seeing remarkable changes in the right direction.

We have one more day of packing, sorting and cleaning out the RV before we return it and head to the airport.

We traveled 5350 kilometers over the country, or 3325 miles in 7 weeks.  Now, on to the next adventure!

Lefty, fed up with the stupid antics we put him through, needs a drink!
Australia, here we come!  


  1. Peter and BeverleeApril 29, 2018 at 5:48 PM

    It's been fun keeping up to date with your 'adventures' through NZ; here's wishing you further safe travels, and we'll be watching. Cheers.


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