Auckland New Zealand- the Sky Tower

After our underground/water visit to the aquarium, we headed up to the Sky Tower, Aucklands version of the Space Needle.
We happened to be visiting Auckland during a 2-week school holiday, one that happens every 10 weeks! Needless to say, there were lots of families and children everywhere we went. Both the aquarium and the Sky Tower were having special kids events… oh boy!

 The weather looked promising for some good views over the city.  

We got to the observation level in time to see a crazy person willingly jump over the side!

You free fall from your own weight, but you have two guide wires getting you to the bulls-eye at the bottom. Still crazy!

And a second crazy person!

The views were lovely and really shows how big the city is.

Tom and Lefty carefully lean against the tower windows!

If you are so inclined, you can get into a bright orange jump suit and walk the 'sky tower platform'!  You are harnessed in to a rail overhead, but still walk along a grated platform.  At some point in this adventure, your guide lets you lean out over the side!

After having our fill up top we headed down, just in time to see,yet another crazy person, jumping off!


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