Thames New Zealand

Our route from Omokaroa took us along a winding road across many streams and rivers- which is just about every road in New Zealand! Since this was Easter Saturday, all sorts of folks were out enjoying the nice day. This road parallels and old train track, which like in many other towns has been turned into a great bike trail.
The quiet little town of Thames is located on the Firth of Thames, about 90 minutes from Aukland and a world away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. We found a small holiday park to camp put at over the holiday weekend. Our campsite was located right above a lovely creek.
And of course our creek had ducks. I got up early to photograph the morning light in the creek and found beautiful golden light reflected off of the wall behind the creek. The ducks were preening and bathing and stretching. While I don't generally photograph birds, that being Tom's area of expertise, I couldn't resist a bit of morning duck yoga!


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