Tane Mahuta - Large Kauri tree, New Zealand

We are the first large RV.

We continued our journey down the highway and had to wait for a small car ferry to continue.  A 15-minute $42.00 ride took us to the small, colorful town of Rowena.  

 Another pretty bay, and other hill to climb and another vista viewpoint to look at. 

Shortly after leaving the coast line, you are in a very tropical like section of the road.  We all commented, and wondered how long it would take the jungle to reclaim the road were it not used for a while? 

 2 years?  10 years? We don’t think it would take too long at all.

We were heading into Kauri tree area and driving down the east coast of the north island, you pretty much have to stop at the large kauri.  It’s free. It’s a 3-minute walk to the base of the tree.  And, it’s pretty darn impressive!

Tane Mahuta is very regal.

You do have to clean your feet before you go, even though you walk on board walks.  But to protect a 1200+ year old tree – who’s not willing to do what they can to protect it!
Tom and Dad head down the path with clean shoes.

If you look at the base of the tree you can see Tom and Lefty.  It's massive and very hard to properly show how big it is!


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