Cruising friends in Wellington New Zealand

We had kept in contact with Michael and Sarah, previously of SV Wondertime, Olympia, who we met up with in 2011 at the public docks in San Diego before heading to La Paz. We shared Holly's 3rd birthday with them in Magdalena Bay. They continued south, ending up in New Zealand. He was able to get work, so they settled in. After a year of work, they sold the boat and toured the country in a campervan for a year. They headed back to Olympia and after a short while there, decided that they really liked NZ. They sold everything in Washington, headed back and have been there for almost 4 years. They've since bought and moved aboard a 35' steel boat, Seraphina. Michael works in Wellington a 20-minute train ride away and Sarah is working on her next book. You can check out her first one, Voyaging with Kids, a Guide to family life afloat,available at Amazon. Luckily with our Sunday arrival, were able to arrange an afternoon together with them. We camped in the neighboring 'domain' - the park- and headed north the next morning.


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