Taupo to Omokoroa/Tauranga

We headed north after visiting Huka Falls with a quick hi and good bye from the family as they were heading south. We passed the town of Rotorua on the way but chose not to stop for the touristy stuff. On previous visits to this amazing country we had the experience of Lyndsay, a NZ native, adventure specialist, and tour guide extraordinaire. Local knowledge is a great thing especially when one wants to do some of the touristy things but prefer to pay the locals price! And often the locals' places are way off the tourist track in addition to being free. Unfortunately, Lyndsay is no longer with us. We've all struggled with this loss. Several of the family remembered our last adventures here with him - rafting, caving, rappelling, white water rafting and a final adventure where he tied all of those things in to one adventure! We haven't done anything close to what he shared with us, but we're all still having a good time.
Not having far to go today, we meandered slowly to Tauranga and then on to Omokoroa, a small town on the Bay of Plenty. We choose this area for its location to the water, a ½ block walk away. It was also chosen to allow us easy access to Auckland and to hang out for a couple of days over the Easter holiday.
We got up early in the morning and did a lovely walk along the shoreline on their great boardwalk.


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