A day in the life of the traveling 3

As we journey around this beautiful country I find that there are so many beautiful vista view points and scenic shots that some of them are starting to blur together, especially after going through all the photos. And then I remember that we've only just begun! It also occurred to me that a reader of this blog might be wondering "What is a typical day for the 3 of us? "
We generally get up about 7- 7:30 and depending on the location Tom and I may go out for a morning photo shoot. Gordy moves a bit slower and isn't real fond of the early mornings. We'll have breakfast then pack up the rig and head towards the next nights destinations. It's a bit tiring to be moving every day, but at least with the RV, we don't have to pack and unpack at each location. Lunch is usually along the way at a view point or some other spot we've chosen to explore, and then dinner at our final destination. We've eaten most of our meals in the RV, with a few exceptions like 2 for one pizza night at Franz Joseph Glacier and the Rainforest Kiwi Holiday Park!
After the dishes are done and the tea pot for the evening cuppa has been heated, we'll peruse the maps and guide books to determine the next day's itinerary. We've done a couple of 300km + days but we find if we can hop from place to place with 250 or so, we get to our next campsite with time for walks and looking around and we're not too road weary. Some of the roads in New Zealand show up on the gps like intestines - winding back and forth, with lots of hairpins and really sharp corners.
There usually several hundred images to process and sort through each night - a task that's become quite a chore for both Tom and me. Access to the internet has, for the most part, been decent. Coming from Mexico, we certainly are not used to anything resembling lightning speed. There have been a couple of locations where it was better to just go to bed early!
The images in this posting are some random images that caught my eye along the way.


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