Greymouth to Tapawere and Pancake Rocks,New Zealand

Way back in the planning stages of this portion of the trip, Gordy had wanted to make sure we got to see the 'pancake rocks' just south of Westport. Our trip was planned to arrive close to high tide, the recommended time to see the action. A good surf, or storm doesn't hurt either, but we had a very calm sea day.
The stones have worn away creating pockets and blow holes.
The stormier the water at high tide, we're told makes for some spectacular spray exhibits and probably wet tourists. We had beautiful calm seas, which allowed us to see the rare and endangered Hectors Dolphins feeding just at the base of the rock formations.
We then headed inland along the beautiful Buller River and valley. Some crazy roads along the way, and always some one-lane bridges to get across. Tom was doing ok with the hilly, windy drive and we pushed on to Tapawere for a quiet night.


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