Moeraki boulders, north of Otago peninsula

After reading many of the guide books, and top ten things to see and do, and other references, one of the places I decided I wanted to go was to see the Moeraki boulders. It's on the east coast, just north of Dunedin and it was determined not too far out of our way. All the locals told us that they really weren't worth seeing, but I still had to check them out.
Low tide was at 7:30 am, and since our campsite was 20 minutes away, we agreed to let Gordy stay in his bed on the short jaunt to the beach. Once there, I headed off to the rocks, Tom went birding, and Gordy slept in. Tom was doing breakfast that morning.
I made it to the boulders just as the sun broke across the horizon. There were at least 15 other photographers there, all lined up on a a series of the boulders. I grabbed a couple of shots, and then found many more to play with. I had a thoroughly good time. I'm pleased to show you a few of the top pics.


  1. I love these photos! The rocks are just like the ones at The Baths in the BVIs. Love to you guys

  2. Better than Bowling Ball Beach In Mendocino.

  3. Beautiful, some even look like dinosaur eggs. Wow! Have fun Dana

  4. AWESOME! I’ve got some catching up to do! Sending love your way..... Deb & John s/v Scot Free Eh


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