Wellington, North Island New Zealand

The total time to cross is about 3 hours - one to get out of the sounds, one to cross the straight and one to get into the bay of Wellington.
Wellington, the capitol of New Zealand is a bustling vibrant, cosmopolitan city. The ferry drops the passengers off right in the heart of the central business district.
Our home for the night was 15 minutes north of town, and an easy bus ride in the next morning.
Dad and I went in to explore the Te Papa museum, free all the time, and then wandered around the city for a bit.
After several years of just doing occasional shopping, it was a bit overwhelming with all the stores and people. We've found the prices here to be quite high, even with the dollar in our favor. A can of soda can be $2.50, a meat pie $4 and lunch for the 3 has been $70 and that's not being extravagant!
The city has done a great job of creating spaces for people to use. This was a wide are connecting the walk at the waters edge with the upper level crossing to the city buildings.
. It happened to be 'Hug a Pug' day - a charity event on the waterfront.
We also caught the last bits of Holi - an Indian festival of color to celebrate the harvest and lots of other things. It looked like a good, colorful time by the attendees.


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