Milford Sound, New Zealand

Since we had arrived early in Te Anu, Peter tossed us the keys to the car and directed us into Te Anu and then up the road to Milford Sound, about and hour and half drive from their place.
We enjoyed the day. The countryside is beautiful. I could stop and take scenic photos at every wide spot it the road. I'm a bit limited in time by that, so we are doing some out the window as we go pics. Tom was searching for the elusive Kea. A parrot that lives in the forest and is a nuisance in car parks - parking lots. They are curious and playful and will try to eat the windshield wipers, or other rubber parts off of your car, or house. Many of the parking lots have 'Kea play areas' set up with 'stuff' for the keas to play on, so they're not so destructive. On this particular day, they didn't get the memo that Tom wanted to take their photo! We've seen them back on Arthurs Pass. There were three of them about 200ft up on a electrical tower. We stopped at Mirror Lake pull out. Unfortunately the pond that 'mirrors' the mountains had a slight breeze breaking across the surface. No mirror images today!
But we did stop at an appropriately named restaurant for a yummy, if expensive lunch!


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