Doubtful Sound, Day 2

We woke to another beautiful clear day, but lots of wind. The plan for today was more of the same, with possibly landing one of the tunas that were reported to be in the area.
The fresh water run off is so great that much of the sound has about 18inches of fresh water on the top. No need to truck in or buy water. We filled the boat with 'mountain dew'. There's a waterfall that has been tapped and piped across a small bay to Blanket Island. At this island is a small boat house, supply shack and storage yard for cray fishermen. The island is very small, but has a wonderfully, colorful collection of pot floats! You have permission to 'borrow' a pot and line for use for a few days as long as it isn't commercial season. With a full water tank and a borrowed pot, off we went!
The pot was dropped in a favorite spot, and fishing and catching began!
As the wind picked up it was too difficult to bottom fish, so we headed out to one of the entrances of the sound hoping for a tuna. To give you an idea on the size of this place, there is a 48' power boat at the bottom of the hillside/mountain!
I'm sure this waterfall is spectacular after the snowmelt.
These rocks are called the Hares Ears, but I think they look like spy glassing whales!
. The tuna didn't get the memo that we were looking for them, and the crays were not cooperative either! But Haydn did manage to get the large eel out of the trap.
We spent the night tied to a linear mooring with several other boats. Miles was a bit upset as he's kept this spot as his 'special' place and has never seen anyone else there. I think the word is out!


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