Lake Tekapo to Twizel

This is the first view one has of Lake Tekapo while driving south east from Christchurch. It truly is that color! It looks very glacial, but no editing to the color was done - I promise. This is the other view one gets when arriving at Lake Tekapo!
We also did the touristy shots, checked for birds then decided to head up to Mt John and the observatory there. The view from the top is wonderful and you can see the road we drove in on at about "11:00" in the photo.
The colors are stunning. The greens are every color in a box of crayons! The air is clear and the light is wonderful!
If one was prepared, one could have mailed off postcards! We're having a good time, and Lefty is helping with the driving and navigating.
Tom's doing a great job of driving and getting the left side of the road thing down. Gordy is helping with the long range navigating, and keeping us apprised of distances between cities, towns and 'blinks' - the ones where if you blink if you drive past, you've missed it!


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