Doubtful sound Day 1

On Thursday morning of last week, we packed up our weekend boating gear and headed out to Lake Manapouri, the first leg of our Doubtful sound adventure. Peter, his son Haydn, brother Paul and friend and Captain Miles, Gordy, Tom, Lefty and I left at 6am. The two vehicles, one towing a 20' cruiser loaded with gear, headed to the boat ramp and ferry dock at Lake Manapouri. Peter and crew launched the boat and headed off to the other end of the lake. We three got on the power cat/ferry and headed the same direction. We met at the other end where Miles has a vehicle waiting.
We loaded half the gear and people into the car and took off over the mountains to Deep Cove in Doubtful sound. The gear was unloaded, and the car returned for the rest, while the boat we were using for the weekend was started, brought to the dock and loaded.
Cameras, fishing and diving gear, food, beer and wine and we were set! The area reminded us of Desolation Sound and Princess Louisa and the reaches to get there, only this is bigger! It wasn't too long before we saw dolphins who came to play in our bow wake.
We stopped to put a diver and snorkeler in the water to find dinner, and the rest of us fished for blue cod and bait for the cray trap (lobster). It was sort of like a lobster grocery store!
We spent the first night in Deas Cove on a linear mooring with another boat. Stories were swapped and a beautiful fish was shown off - before dinner. A red gurnard, or in Maori, a puwhaiau. It has feelers or feet to allow it to move sideways.
Our dinner was fresh caught blue cod and lobster! Pretty good for day 1!


  1. Great photos, looks amazing! Good to see you having a good time. Love ya!


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