Scotland - Brora to Glenmore

A lovely stone house and window box in Carr-Bridge

Our final leg to complete our NorthCoast 500 loop was this one from Brora to Evanton, Dingwall, (pronounced Ding'le, or ding'al) and then finally Inverness.  We had really enjoyed the hospitality and facilities of Black Rock Holiday Park in Evanston so we stopped there for one final night.
The track for the next day had us working our way to Edinburgh, with an overnight stop at Glenmore, located in the Scottish forest.
We made a turn onto a road that paralleled the main highway and found this charming town of Carr-Bridge. The main highway is one lane either direction doing 70km with occasional extra lane for passing zones.  The parallel road is one lane either direction doing 50 km with no extra lanes.

 When one is bouncing around in the back of the RV, frequent stops are a must.  And this one had a really cool bridge!
This bridge, the Pack Bridge, was built in the late 1700's after the river kept flooding and the pack horses of goods for market and coffins to the cemetery couldn't cross through the high water.
The town was small, yet quite charming and had a nice feel and a good bakery!

Moving on down the road we ended up at Glenmore Forest RV Park.  Located about 3 miles below the most popular ski area in all of Scotland.  It's also a very popular place in the summer, especially with the great weather we've had, and that it's the first week of summer break for the kids.  The place was packed and we got the last available spot for the night.
"Heavy clouds, but no rain....."  Sting

The days are still long with just about 17 hours of daylight remaining.  Always in search of birds, we took off for a late hike as recommended by the local birding expert.  It seemed very odd to be heading out for a 4 mile hike at 6:30 at night.  Now it's still very light with no hint of dusk, and it's just weird.  We did have headlamps with us just in case, but we weren't anticipating needing them, and it was still quite light at 9:30 when we returned.
Tom ahead of me on the down hill section
The hike to Loch Green, Green Lake, was described as being strenuous with steep hillclimbs, rocky and rooted paths.  Ummm, okaaaay. It took a bit to convince myself that I even wanted to do this!
Add the difficulty factor with the 4 miles and I was still not convinced.  But, I put on my big girl pants and headed out.  Somewhere in  the first mile - up hill all the way- I remembered that the day was July 5 and 2 years ago I had my leg surgery.  So, now I was determined to finish the hike and even began to have a good time!
Me doing a "yea Me!" holler across the hillside.  I'm sure I scared all the birds away, much to Tom's dismay.
Blue lake was lovely and quiet, and had one male golden eye in summer plumage on it. So Tom was happy.  We both enjoyed a hot shower and slept real well!


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