Scotland- Glenmore to Edinburgh

We recovered quite nicely from our trek up the mountain to Green Lake after a good night sleep.  Down the A6 to Edinbrough to a caravan park right near the Firth of Forth, but 15 minutes from town.  A local bus provided the round trip transportation for us while in town.

We choose to do the City Tours Hop on Hop Off buses once again.  And, again, we enjoyed the two of the three tours we went on.

This is the red bus.  Staying mostly in the main heart of the city, it passes by most of the hot spots allowing you to wander off to see an attraction and rebound later on.

There are so many 'old' buildings and ornate tops, porticos, busts, protrusions and balconies that it's quite possible to get 'overloaded' with another old historical building!
This is Scott's Monument, located right in the center of town. Scotty.. this one's for you!
Sitting atop a volcanic plug is the almost impenetrable Edinburgh Castle.
We choose not to tour this one. It's the second week of summer holidays and the 4th week of beautiful weather.  Even the shop keepers were amazed at the number of tourists!

We did stop along the Royal Mile for some souvenir shopping and a bit of strolling.
You can purchase your 'clan's tartan in a scarf.

Or in cap form...

or something for your fridge....

or a friend to take home with you......
or take home a snack of shortbreads....

Or if you've decided you want to take traditional kilt home, there's a kilt maker looking for you!
or pose with a street vendor!

Lefty and Yoda

The gates of Holyrood Park, the Queens residence when in Scotland.


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