Scotland- Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye, town of Bradford
After the highland games in Oban we made a last minute decision to try and catch a ferry across to Isle of Skye, saving about 2 hours of driving time.  Since Tom was a bit under the weather with a tummy bug, he was all in favor of this!

Fort Williams

We were passing through Fort Williams and saw the ferry sign. With tickets and hot sausage rolls and sandwiches in hand, we headed for the ferry, a 90 minute drive away.... 10 minutes to spare!
The CalMac-Caledonian MacDonald Ferry landing in Mallaig.

We made it with the 10 minutes to spare and secured our spot in line.  The ferry was full, mostly with RV's like ours.

The sea weather was very benign; calm seas and virtually no winds the whole 40 minute ride across.

Once on the Isle of Skye we headed north to Broadford to a brand new camp site "Camping Skye".  So new, they'd only been open one week!

We headed out the next morning for Portree, about 2/3 up the east side of Skye.  A quiet campsite just outside of town and some nice hiking awaited us.

A small community just beyond our campsite, near Portree, Isle of Skye

A quick hike at sunrise to the hillside just above the campground. We're the 5th from the left.
We headed out of Portree and did a loop to the west.  Our first stop was at Dunvegan castle, right on the shore.

Here's Lefty in the Dungeon!  This one is unique in that it's located above the kitchen.  Wicked people that they were, had a grate in the floor, so while you were starving in the dungeon, located just above the kitchen..... you'd smell all the smells cooking below!

the main foyer of the castle

After a couple of hours of reading all the info sheets on each of the rooms.. and all of the memorabilia, we'd had our fill and headed back down the island to the 'mainland of Scotland'.

An old stone building located in a war cemetery.

A long twisty road on the way to explore.....

A road side castle seen above the trees....

Some Bog cotton....

A water fall along the way...

and finally the village of Lochcarron, our home for the night at the "wee campsite"!


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