Scotland - Ullapool to Durness

Our journey on the NC 500, or the highlands road, has been pretty amazing. While it's been slightly commercialized to help boost some of the smaller communities and local 'sights of interest', the road has been here for many, many years.  Many of the roads are single lane with 'passing places' - wide spots in the road.

There are hundreds of views like the one above along the way. And there are a couple dozen bridges, but not many of this size!

In case you've not been following the weather in the UK - they are experiencing a heat wave, which we are totally enjoying!  For two weeks or more, the temps have been in the high 20's and a couple of days set records of 31 or 32 celsius.  While it makes the smaller RV more doable for the three of us, the locals are not happy!  They, like many from Seattle, get cranky when the temps get into the 70's!
Now, the one downside to this is that the heather which should be in full bloom and covering the moors and glens, is very sparse.  The blossoms are drying up and dying from lack of rain.

As we travel from campsite to campsite, we stop and explore sights and things of interest.  The problem with the one lane roads, and the other roads, is there are no shoulders and very few places to stop and take a photo.  In many places where there is a good view a pull out place has been provided.

We had heard about Durness and the beach there, but we did not expect to find this! This is the top left corner of the Scottish main coastline.  Only the Hebrides and Orkneys are further north.

We lucked out with a front row camp site for the night!

And just because the water looked so refreshing, Gordie made a hike to check it out - wading only!

We knew we would be here in the far north on the summer solstice, but it really didn't sink in as to what that meant!

This photo of Tom and I was taken after dinner at about 9:30 pm. It never gets dark!  Tom woke up for a late night bathroom run and saw an incredible sunrise - AT 3:40 AM!!!!  It's still light enough to sit outside and read, comfortably at 11:00pm!
So he woke me up to take a look and I headed out to catch it, quickly before it faded.....
There's nothing quick about the sunrise here, at least in mid June!  I was out shooting it for almost 3 hours!  And, it still hadn't gotten to be what I would consider full daylight!
This shot is actually before the sun cleared the horizon.

In the past, when going out for sunrise, I've taken along a  flashlight to help navigate the trail.  It's not needed here.  It's very hard to get used to the light all the time, especially when planning dinner!  We've had many meals at 10, because it's still so light and there's still daylight!


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