Scotland - Oban More Highland games - the Heavy weights

For this Oban Highland Games, this young man, Murdo, participated in the kids division, and the heavy weight mens division.  I'm guessing that he slept well that night!

He's a local 'lad' and a favorite.  His goal is to set some new local records.  He didn't get there today, but he wasn't far off!

Above he's throwing a 20 pound weight in his kilt.  All the contestants, by the way, all had on work out type pants under their kilts.  When it was time for the event, the kilts went back on and the game began.  I wasn't able to get an official explanation, but I'm guessing that it's just part of tradition for  the games.
Tossing the shot put

Winding up with the hammer....
and around....

and around... wait for it...

And the release!

And these are the shoes that are worn for the hammer throw!  The blades are fixed into the sod, the hammer is swung around the body and then released.

Go Lefty!  Go!

To correctly toss the caber it must make one complete revolution and land as close to the 12 o'clock position if there was a clock face on the ground.  This one didn't make it around.
And after you get done throwing the hammer, the weight, the shot put and the caber... in case you haven't had enough, let's just toss the 40 pound weight high into the air over a bar!


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