Scotland- John O'Groats to Brora

We're now working our way down the eastern shore on the northern part of Scotland.  The roads have gotten a bit wider, and unless we stray off the main road, there are very few one lane roads with passing places.  But just when you think we're done with them, there's another one!

Just one more one lane bridge... just barely wide enough for the RV
The photo at the top is the  Harbor of Wick.  We stopped to to check out the eritage museum.  It's in a sprawling building, up stairs, down a hallway, down the stairs, every nook and cranny is crammed full of stuff.  There is a lot of old stuff in Scotland, and not just the buildings!

And even the harbor has old stuff!
The RV parked in Wick.  Trying to find a place to park can be challenging and even just wondering if the road will be wide enough for us, makes navigating nerve-wracking.

So to ease the stress of driving, and since we're in Scotland, we go to the distillery and try their single malt scotch.
This particular tasting was paired with handmade chocolates at Clynelish distillery in Brora, about 5 minutes from our campground.  I'm not a fan of scotch, so Lefty took my tastings for me....the chocolates however were wonderful!


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