Cairns, Australia - Day 1

Our next destination is Cairns, pronounced ‘cans’. If you are a New Zealander, you’d pronounce it ‘Kens’.  

We picked up another RV and headed just north a few kilometers to meet up with cruising buddy, Kevan Draper formerly of SV/Entre Nous. He’s been working here for 4 years now and is working on his exit plan to get back to Mexico.   He’s currently in the market for a nice sailboat…..anyone got any hot leads for him?

We shared a nice evening with him, a meal, some stories and lots of laughs.
Thanks Kevan for taking the time to get together after  he spent the day on the golf course with his mates!  Rough life, huh?

The photos taken of this evening events have unfortunately been deleted.... it did happen.  I'm sure the deletion had nothing to do with several days of 4:30 and 5:00 am alarms and departures!


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