Darwin Australia - Litchfield National Park

Tolmer Falls, Litchfield National Park
Litchfield National Park, located 100km from Darwin.  The park has several interesting features, besides the magnetic termite mounds.

The geology throughout Australia is very unique and at times quite puzzling.  This region is rather dry and arid looking, yet has waterfalls and water holes!  Basically, the ground acts like a sponge, absorbing all the water from the  'big wet'.  It filters down through the layers and is released in a couple of amazing waterfalls.

The first we stopped at the Buley Rock Holes, a lovely series of small cascading falls into pools, perfect for a quick refreshing dip.

 Lefty was a bit warm after his hike, so he dangled his feet close to the edge!

Can you see Lefty, or are you distracted by young, athletic bodies further upstream?

Our next stop was at Florence Falls.  You had to work to get to this one, 135 steps down to the plunge pool, and then of course back to the top.  Gordie decided he needed a swim and was game for the trip to the bottom.
Tom and Gordie on the 97th step!
At the bottom, we were greeted on the swimming platform by a smallish monitor lizard.  It was at that moment that I choose to stay ashore and just take photos!

Gordie, however, was ready to cool down.
He's the guy directly in the middle.

As usual, I'm looking at the flowers and the bugs and other critters.

And while walking to our final destination of Tolmer Falls which is the top photo, Tom was stopped by the resident 'guard' on the trail!

Here's a better image to see the little 'big guy'!
All puffed up with  a curve in his tail - I'll show you guys who's boss!

And then to end our trip, on the way out of the park.....



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