Darwin - Kakadu National Park - Nourlangie Rock

After wrapping up a couple of days at Corroboree and one at Jabiru at the top east corner of Kakadu,we headed towards Cooinda with a stop at Nourlangie Rock.  This area is known for it's rock art, and we weren't disappointed.

This park is part of the Aboriginal land and like most other parks, they are asking that the proper names be used.

The names are hard to pronounce, and even harder to read as you're cruising down the highway!

There are several trails all around the park.  I took one to a lookout.

It started at the base with a well done walkway around the rock art.

Ok Ladies, keep your eyes out for the yam wielding spirit!
He looks like this!

The walk continues around the base, passing by shaded shelters and passage ways between the rocks.

This is what you see when you look 'through' the passage way.

This palm sized spider is what you see when you look at the entrance to the passageway.  
I'm sure most people looked right past it!

This little guy was at the top.

The view from the top.

And a couple other small creatures....


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