Sydney Australia

As soon as we had begun to plan this trip, we knew that there wasn’t going to be enough time in most of our destinations.  That has definitely been our consensus since we got here.  

Uluru needed at least a week at the location.  You need a day to drive to it from Alice Springs.  We would have liked to explore Kings Canyon – the location that everyone we talked to said we must do! It is supposedly similar to the Grand Canyon with no tourists, safety barriers, or much of anything else. It was 300K from Uluru and not doable in the little time we had.  We’re starting a list of the places to get to, and things to do next time! 

On the list of what to do while in Australia this time, in addition to Uluru, was a stop in Sydney for the ‘iconic photos’ of the opera house and the harbor bridge.
As seen from underneath!

Our condo was located in the Darling Harbor area, across from the Novatel Hotel and the Darling Harbour convention center.  We had a last-minute change in our Airbnb location and this one was great.  Conveniently located on the other side of the hotel was the Harborside Shopping center and food emporium.  We did most of our meals there – each of us choosing our ethnic food of choice and no one had to cook or clean up!  Thai, Indian, Sushi, Mexican, French and Italian were all tried and everyone was happy.
A fun view of our bus!
Again we had two full days so we had to decide what to do to make the most of it.  We choose the Hop-on-Hop-Off, open top, double decker bus.  

Tom got the one-day city pass, while Dad and I got the 2-day two route bus trip, a harbor cruise, and a trip to the SkyTower. Tom was off birding on day two.

Conveniently for us, one of the bus stops was right at the Harborside! We got our top deck seats, plugged in our headsets and headed off.  
Should we need to get Tom a backpack for Lefty? There have been many mascot sightings on this trip!

The first bus followed the shoreline and passed right under the Harbor Bridge and came out the other side facing the Opera House. We got off looking for an access to the bridge to walk across.  After finding the many different sets of stairs, through funky little communities, we finally made it up to the car and pedestrian walkway level.  It was a hike!  

We walked out to the first pylon for good views to the Opera House located below. 

 Ok, check and check!  Now off to explore what else there was to see.  Back on the bus, it wove its way down tiny little streets and main roads through the CBD,

 King Street – the red-light district,

the garden tower, 
The upper floors are apartments the lower two levels shops.

The two structures in the center are designed to bring extra light to the inner apartments and plants.
 quick stop for lunch,
Really?  mushy peas?  They were included in almost all items at this street cart!
past the Sydney fish market – a stop for another time- and back to the Darling harbor waterfront where we hopped off at the Australian Maritime Museum to see the Exhibit of the 100 top Wildlife Photographs of 2017.

The guy behind the counter was awesome, and happily posed for a photo with Lefty, before giving us a discount – all three got the senior discount! Maybe we all looked tired and worn out?

We all enjoyed the exhibit and a few of the maritime displays on the harbor before calling it a day and turning in for the night.

After just a few hours of wandering around the city, we all commented about how there was such a different feel in Sydney than in Melbourne. All of us preferring Sydney.  Sorry, Melbourne!


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