Cairns Australia - Kuranda Skysail- part 3

Passing over the Barron River - not for the faint of heart!

After riding the Kuranda Railway to the top of the rainforest and then exploring the bird park and the village markets, we returned to our starting point back in Cairns by the aerial gondola system.

This ride takes you over the rain forest, with a couple of stops on the way down for some walks to view a gorge and the rainforest.

This stop on the gondolas is opposite the one on the train - the flat spot at the top of the photo.

The journey back to the bottom was much quicker than the train ride, but very cool.  We had hoped to see more wildlife - birds - in the treetops, but only saw about 3.  The trip ended at yet another gift shop, and a nice garden of unusual plants.


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