Melbourne Australia - G'day Mates!

Flinders Street Station, Melbourne Australia

Our 55-day stay in New Zealand ended way too soon!  I’m sure we’re going to feel that about all the places we’re going, but especially New Zealand.  And that’s the destination that we planned the most time.  The rest of this journey is mostly research for future trips!


Our arrival in Melbourne, Australia was uneventful, as was the arrival to our Airbnb accommodations located near the Southern Cross Station in the central Business district.
Looking straight down
Straight down, close up!

A quick look from our balcony brought back memories of the 4+ years I lived in Manhattan NY.  This  apartment was about the same size, and, I think, about the same floor -  14 out of 24! This one had a small balcony which offered a view of one little alley nearby.

Gordie in the alleyway!

Melbourne has tons of little lane ways, or alleys, that are full of restaurants, little shops and art in the form of murals and street graffiti.  The lane near our apartment was so narrow that I couldn’t spread my arms across the space and straighten them!  

We dropped off our luggage and jumped on the free, antique circle tram for a tour around the city to familiarize ourselves with the layout. Unfortunately, it was about 4pm and workers were leaving their jobs and the next day was a holiday – it was so crowded that at times it was hard to see out the windows!  With map in hand, I watched the streets and stops go by and got a good idea on where we wanted to go for the next morning.

Tom had an early morning birding date with a local birder, so Dad and I were on our own.  Since our apartment was located in the free tram/bus area, we climbed on a CBD bus.  

Hoosier Lane and tourists

Hoosier Lane is one of the more famous ‘painted’ Lanes and is obviously on the tourist route.  Lots of people talking lots of photos. 

 I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I would be. There was lots of punk graphics that were hard or impossible to read, and I just didn’t find it to be as WOW!, as I had expected, and seen in my research.

After our 7 weeks in New Zealand, we were all a bit put off by the large numbers of humanity!  Almost 5 million people live in Melbourne, with the bulk of that in the city.

The concrete portion of Betty's Burgers is decadent ice cream sundaes and toppings!

A community Musical group playing Waltzing Matilda!
At times it was after crossing a street, you couldn’t continue due to the number of people waiting to cross the opposite street! After riding the public transportation, we used lots of hand sanitizer!  So far we've all managed to stay healthy living in tiny quarters!

One certainly can satisfy any food craving in this town!  If you like to eat, go to Melbourne!


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