Cairns Australia - Scheduling snafus

Before we began this trek of ours, our travel associates, AirTreks, had let us know that our direct flight from Cairns to Darwin had been removed from the Qantas' schedule.  They offered us a different flight one day later or a two part flight a day earlier.  Nothing was available on the preferred day.  Since it had taken several weeks of careful planning to make sure all the flights were timed correcting with the pick up and drop off of the RV's this required some rescheduling on our part.

We choose to lose a day of the RV in Cairns and fly out a day earlier, thereby keeping all the days with the RV in Darwin.  Well, somewhere in all of this traveling, flying in and out of cities, being tourists and on the go all the time, we lost track of the date and what the day was!

About 3 hours before we were turning in for what we thought was our last night in Cairns, I checked the flight/RV itinerary and the calendar on my phone and discovered that we still had an extra day here!  Thank goodness I discovered it the night before we turned in the RV and not after and we were at the airport 24 hours early!

The holiday park that we were in was quite pleasant, they had room, so a unanimous vote was made to have a down day and stay put.  We all slept in, did a load of laundry and did lots of internet stuff like writing blog posts! We have also decided that down days are good, and should be scheduled into trips such as this!


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