Sydney Australia - Day 2

Our second day had Dad and I on the red bus, to catch the blue bus to get to one of Dad’s list items – Bondi Beach.  The locals would prefer if you pronounced it Bond-eye Beach as the Aboriginals had named it.  

A nice beach full of the want to be seen and the want to see people.  Not too much wave action today, so most of the surfers appeared to be beginners.  It was still a nice day to walk the boardwalk and watch the action!

Back on the blue bus, through some pretty wealthy communities to get to the red bus to get to the cruise ship quay for our one hour harbor cruise.  Another opportunity for photos of the bridge and the opera house, in addition to some city shots.

The afternoon was slipping away and we still had one more attraction to get to – the Sky Eye Tower.  

Similar to the Space Needle and the Sky Tower in Auckland they all cost a bunch of money to get a look around the city from up high!  We made it up before sunset, but the afternoon clouds had rolled in making the scenery rather dull.  
Just to the left of the bridge in the middle is Harbourside, the long light green building.
Tom is sitting underneath the Harbourside sign.  See him?
Meanwhile, Tom had finished his day of chasing birds around the Sydney Royal Botanical Gardens and was waiting for us at the harborside. We were texting back and forth about where we were.  He was able to see us in the tower from his seat down below!
Tom's view of the tower... Look at the top row of windows, below the 'i'... that's Gordie!

Here's an enlarged version!
And my shot at the same time from inside!

We finished up our tour with an evening walk back to the harbor, dinner at the food court and back to the condo for packing and a 4:15 wake up call for our ride to the airport to Cairns.  We have much more of Sydney to explore in greater detail.  The list of things to come back to do is quite long!  There is so much more to explore.


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