Darwin Australia - Corroboree Billabong

After our eye opening crocodile experience at Fogg Dam, we headed down the road and pulled into Corroboree Roadhouse Tavern and Holiday Park.  Sounded good to us and we were hoping for a bit of 'true' Australia.  Well, the old guy at the tavern bar when we checked in for the night was exactly who we were hoping to see!  Gnarly, weathered, a bit of the bush still on him- in several ways, and quick with a "G'day mates"!  We are really enjoying this part of the country!
The boat/structure on the left is a viewing platform. We are on a boat similar to the one tied to it.  One can rent the houseboat in the background for overnight - Next time for sure!
I had signed the all of us up for an sunset cruise on the Corroboree Billabong to explore the birds and wildlife in addition to a morning cruise for Tom and I.   After getting our campsite set up (find the site, make sure it's level and plug it in), we headed to the shuttle for our 30 minute trip to the billabong.

Tony was our guide for the night and kept us all entertained on the short drive out there; we saw Wallaby's, birds and learned about local info on flora, fauna and lore.
Corroboree Billabong
With a total of 7 passengers we had lots of room on the tour boat that seats 40+, so we could move around as the critters presented themselves.
Can you spot the croc in this dusk photo?
Here's a bit of help.

There are quite a few birds on the billabong, although we're told in September or October the bird populations increase due to the water levels receding. I leave most of the bird photography to Tom, but there are just some instances where they present themselves for a photo!

The Rainbow Bee-eater

A pair of Whistling Hawks on their nest
the regal Sea Eagle

And the Black Necked Stork, or previously known as the Jabiru!  This guy stands about 3 1/2 feet tall!

But we shouldn't forget why most people come to the billabong.. to see these guys!

According to Tony, this guy had probably just fed and was really happy just chilling.  When there's legs are back like his left one, it means they are really relaxed and would rather we just went away!

And then the sunset begins.

G'd night mates.


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