Africa - Cape Town, Hout Bay and Simon's Town

After 2 nights in Cape Town we headed south west to follow the coastline to Hout Bay and 

Scarborough on the Atlantic Ocean side.  We stopped at the Slangkop lighthouse, 

the tallest active lighthouse in South Africa and I climbed all 139 steps to the top. 
A view from the top... but I wasn't supposed to be there! Shhh
then on to Simon’s Town on the Indian Ocean and False Bay.

Again the weather was fabulous and the coastline drive was stunning.

The big draw in Simon's Town, even though it's a small, charming town built mostly on steep hills, is the nightly arrival of the African Penguins to the local beach!

 These cute little guys come into the beach, across the parking lot and walk down the side walks! They are also known as the Jack ass penguins because they have the most unfortunate call!

And before you leave the parking lot it's a good idea to make sure one isn't nesting below!

Gordie trying to make a new friend!

And just in case you have an unusual emergency you'll know who to call.  However, since it's printed on the community bulletin board in the town center maybe it's not so unusual?


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