The Dunnottar Castle at Stonehaven, or what's left of it.
Our hosts I Doha, Carol and Livia, were kind enough to delay the start of their vacation by two days to have a chance to see us.  WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!  They are off on a paragliding training vacation/class in Turkey.  Their flight left Doha at 3:45 am and ours left at 7:35, so we all headed to the airport together.  We had a few hours extra to wait, but everyone was happy and relaxed knowing that, a) we were at the airport, and b) their house was closed up and secure as they wanted it.   Hamad International airport is a busy airport at 2am!  One can even get a seated massage at that time!  We didn’t, but you can.

Five hours on uncomfortable airport seats later, (Gordie opted for a quiet piece of floor), we were on our last Qatar ( Caht-ar) airline headed for Edinbrough Scotland!  7 hours later we arrived to another queue of 200 or so people!  If you’re going to travel be sure you have an e-passport to allow you quick and easy entry without the hours of standing in lines.

 We got a taxi to the RV depot, picked up the RV and headed out of town.  A stop for groceries, some adult beverages, for the traditional ‘landing rum’ and we were good to go find a campsite.  Noah’s Ark Caravan Park was our home for the next 2 nights.  We did grilled tuna sandwiches and a cup of soup and headed for bed.

 After a good night of sleep, we finally rolled out of bed at 1 in the afternoon!  We were exhausted but managed to rally.  A short walk to the local bus took us into the town/village of Perthshire to get some lunch and a couple of needed items.  

We asked a couple of locals for assistance and once we got across the language barriers, we had no problem finding what we needed.  The folks here, when you ask for directions or assistance, rather than pointing or describing, will just take your elbow and walk you down the street to the shop you’re looking for!  

We had an early night although it’s hard to go to bed at 10:30 or so when it’s still very light out. And, sunrise is 4:30!  We’re talking long days about 19 hours of daylight, and we’ve got solstice in a few days.

As far as the language goes, the Scotsmen we’ve talked with think we have the ‘funniest’ sounding accents. We, on the other hand, think they’ve got marbles in their mouths!
I asked someone to day about birds.  All I got was blank looks…. Then one of the ladies exclaimed, “ Oh, you mean ‘bairds’…. Oh aye, we’ve got bairds! Whaat’ll ye be looooken far?
The check out girl at the grocery – “Dinya wannabahg?” ( did you want a bag?)  

It’s a pretty country and we’ve just started to explore, but so far the people have been pretty fun!

Our travels took us around the ‘main’ part of Scotland on our way to Inverness and on to Alness.  We prefer the coastal routes so we left Perth to head to Aberdeen and beyond on the Eastern shore of Scotland.  I routed us on around the coast stopping occasionally at a point of interests for all of us, or a bird or wildlife refuge for our driver.  Gordie and I usually like those stops too.  

Most of the time they are quiet, remote and located in very pretty spots. Everyone is happy and then we can continue!


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