Africa- Cape Town

One thing we’ve discovered on this trip is that we didn’t plan the cities well.  Not that they ‘ve been bad, just our timing in them could have been better.  Next time no less than 3 nights in a new place.  One day, two nights, fly out or move on the next does not give you time to properly explore.  Also after spending 18 days in peaceful Kruger and Marloth Park, the sensory overload in Cape Town is pretty jarring to the senses!

A later afternoon arrival had us rushing down to the Victoria and Albert Waterfront to see about a ride on a Sunset/Champagne harbor cruise.  Luckily we timed it right and got on a 45’ Lagoon with only 2 other guests. 

10 knots of wind soon had us sailing along at a nice 8.3 knots (me at the helm!)  Tom saw 8.2, but who’s looking at the knot meter anyway! 
Tom with Captain Humphrey

Lions Head on the left from Table Bay.

We enjoyed a nice malay inspired dinner of curry , and sushi and back to the condo – on the 13thfloor for bed!

Cape Town is a beautiful city.  We were lucky to have good weather the two +days we explored.  

A view of Lions Head from the top of Table Mountain.
We like the Hop-on-Hop-Off City tour buses.  They give you a good overview of the city with an audio soundtrack with a bit of history, local knowledge, trivia and general info.  We took this bus to get to the Table Mountain Park overlooking the town. 

The cable car or Funicular to the top is unique in that the floor that you stand on makes one complete revolution on the ride up the hill, everyone gets a good look over the city.

We had a spectacular weather day.  Just a hint of wind and warm temps.

Table mountain also offers a view of the 12 Apostles a series of ridges that run north and west from table mountain.

A view looking south west towards Cape of Good Hope.
There are actually 17 Apostles but no one knows why they call them the 12 Apostles.

At the top, the resident critters are the Dassies, or Rock Hyrax.  They love the sun and just hang out.

The views from the top of Table Mountain on a clear day like we had are simply spectacular.... 200 shots later!

That's Gordie with Lefty on the last overlook.


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