Africa - Kruger Park

 After riding in the car for 3 full day trips and 2 ½ day trips into the park, I don’t really know how to break down our days photo-wise.

Our first day was a short couple of hours.  During that time, we saw rhino, elephant, giraffe, zebra, impalas too numerous to count, water buffalo and many other critters, not to mention the birds.  I think Tom said he got 63 new species of birds in the short half day and one full day trip.   
We both fired off shot after shot of everything we saw, just to get an image of the animal.  I know Gordie was a bit peeved at us stopping to take photos of everything we saw! It’s slowed down some with us now being a bit more careful about where the sun is – choosing our roads with this in mind and trying for a better photo each time.  One also has to be careful not to get too complacent…”oh, it’s just another elephant crossing the road” sort of thing!  IT’S AN ELEPHANT CROSSING THE ROAD 10 FEET IN FRONT OF MY CAR!!  So we shoot and shoot and shoot!

The internet here is either non existent or like old time dial up which doesn't handle the photos well at all.  Please be patient and check back for other blogs and images - I have a lot to share!


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