Africa - Kruger National Park - Spoor - Paw prints

The weather during our time in South Africa has been splendid.  As winter is approaching the evenings and mornings are getting cooler. The days are 78-84 and quite lovely. One afternoon we noticed large clouds building and commented that they looked like rain.  While sitting on the balcony that evening at sunset the lightning started!  We had a really good thunder storm with sheet and downstrike lightning.  We also had a fair amount of rain.

When we got into the park early the next morning, we actually saw patches of what we thought was snow.  It turned out to be ½” hail stones that had run down and collected in low spots.  The Skukuza area about 40 km north of us received golf ball sized hail and had severe damage to cars and plant life.

During the drive we crossed by several muddy areas that were perfect for spotting fresh tracks or spoor in the mud.


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