Scotland Alness - Genealogy search

Once we got to Alness, we got a spot at the Black Rock Caravan and Camping spot in Evanston, the next town down the road.  Gordie's father was born in the area, so he wanted to do a bit of searching for any other family.

He took one day and headed off to see what and who he could find.  Meanwhile, Tom and I headed out the back side of our camp to take a hike in the hills nearby.

The forest was beautiful and very green.  It reminded us of hiking in the Olympic rainforest.  A couple of kilometers later, we came across a bridge over a gorge.

The opening at the top was 10-20 feet wide, and at least 40 feet down!  It's very hard to photograph as it's dark and deep and there's no sense of depth.

About 1km from the first bridges was a second one crossing over again, a bit wider.  Evidently, a local man, many many years ago, leapt across this on a bet for a sovereign!
Someone has carved a bunch of logs into seats with critters on them.  Perhaps to sit and think about the foolish man that jumped the gorge!


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