Africa - Kruger National Park - Elephant & Giraffe

Today’s featured animals are the elephant and giraffe.  
The elephant is cute when small, funny, intelligent and extremely large in some cases. The largest land mammal is amazingly adept at being a magician.  One second there is nothing there, the next a 12,000-pound animal steps out from behind a tree and voila!  There it is!

We’ve watched the little ones play and chase each other, and trot after mom through the bush.  

Sitting in our car, we ‘ve watched one large male elephant, 15 feet away, wrap his trunk around the base of a tree and work it back and forth to remove it from the ground.  It then selectively picked apart the juicy roots for a meal. Brute strength becomes tender touch!

Giraffes are today’s second featured creature.  This large animal walks with such grace a regal attitude, but maybe that’s what happens when your head is 18’ above your feet!

I believe that the giraffes we have seen are the Reticulated Giraffe as it has chestnut colored patches separated by thin white lines.  

Both sexes grow horns with the males being longer.  The male also, in middle age grows a single medial horn on the forehead. Maybe that’s what was going on with a previously posted photo!  They also get bumps over each eye socket and behind the ears.  The have an 18” long, very black tongue that is used to reach up and into the upper branches and pulls the food to its mouth.


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