Africa - Kruger National Park - Cheetahs

I know, I know I'm bumping things out of order with this extra blog, but I just had to stick in the Cheetahs before I got too far from the C's!

Tom and I have been in the park at daylight almost every day since we've been here.  The effort has paid off with some awesome cat sightings.  Check back again for new photos of our early treks through the park.

We found this cheetah while on a drive.  While watching her, we also discovered that she had 3 cubs with her!

Here's the hole scene as we saw it.

Hard enough to spot while sitting still and scanning with binoculars, let alone at 10k on the road!

We also saw this female on another trip with 3 slightly older cubs

Now for the leopard! The hunt continues!


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