Africa - Kruger Park Final Day

Sadly, our time in Kruger came to an end.  Both Tom and I tried to eek out the last remaining moments.  We enjoyed a very good dinner at the Serene Oasis Restaurant located west of our home in Kruger overlooking the Crocodile River, the banks and plains along its sides.  We were lucky enough to see a lone giraffe come down to the water right across from where we were sitting. 

 Cautiously it stood and waited, checking for any predators.  Finally, it stepped up to the water’s edge and awkwardly bent down for several long gulps of water.  Upon raising its head it did a big sweeping motion, spraying water in a stream as it came up.

The next and last morning we were both up at sunrise and sitting on the deck. 

 One small Duiker walked through the yard, sat down in some tall grass and disappeared.

Can you see it?

Kruger National Park was a very special place for us.  

We’ve already started talking about our next trip.  We only explored the bottom 5thof the park… we’ve got many more roads to travel and animals and their oddities to spot!


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