Africa - Kruger National Park, Reptiles

While not usually my favorite thing, they are fun to try to locate as they tend to be quite elusive. Well, that is unless you’re a crocodile and they are on every river and water hole bank.
This guy was huge!

Turtles seem to be in all the water holes and pans.  Just how they get there is an interesting question as most are a fair distance from large bodies of water.

I spotted this rock monitor lizard and 30 feet way laying streamside was this small water monitor. 

We found some fruit bats under the eaves in Skukuza camp.

The bonus for the day was to find this Night Adder, extremely venomous, crossing the road right in front of us.  It was kind enough to start across, turn back then turn back across once more.  It allowed for several still photos and a short video before it disappeared into the grass. 


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